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BYKC conducts 2 yr Pioneer Classroom Program through TIE UPS with Schools and Colleges across Maharastra

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Results 2013 @ BYKC

BYKC - the only institute in Maharashtra to have achieved Rank 1 in IIT - JEE , AIEEE , BITSAT , MHT-CET , HSC , ICSE & CBSE is please to announce its Results for the year 2013.

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  • Attn! Std X students. Admissions now open for various Programs for XI+XII+JEE (Main & Advanced) / Medical Entrance at Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur and Wardha. Please contact our centers for more details!
  • Group Counselling sessions are being organised every week for Engineering and Medical Entrance Exams. Please contact our centers for more details.
  • SEEDS (foundation program for Std VIII / IX / X students) is now offered at select centres with limited seats. Please contact our centers to enroll now!
  • BYKC Courses now available at Sion, Matunga (East) through exclusive collaboration with Vijays Institute


  • BYKC & Embibe bring to you the revolutionary online learning and testing portal -

Food 4 Thought - Solve these puzzles and earn yourself a surprise Scholarship

"You may submit your answers to these puzzles in your own hand-writing at any of our centers or mail them to our head office and if you get them correct, you win a surprise scholarship and a direct admission to our Olympiad batches! Have fun!!"

A fly is in a cubical room of side 2m. It starts from one corner of the floor and goes to the centre of the ceiling. Unfortunately, the fly cannot fly. So it has to crawl along the floor, walls or ceiling to reach there. What is the length of the shortest path for the fly to reach there?

A friend of mine wanted 285 gold coins to be packed and sealed in pouches (each of which is reasonably expensive). Another friend of mine wants to trade gold coins with diamonds. However the second friend has not decided how many gold coins would he like to trade for diamonds. He might trade any number of gold coins (between 1 to 285) depending on his requirement at that moment. What is the minimum number of pouches my first friend should use to pack and seal the gold coins so that he'll be able to trade the coins with my other friend without having to open any pouch later?

Well, this is not so much of a "puzzle" but something general that we come across everyday. Have a look at the shape of a tooth-paste or a ointment-tube cap. It usually is a conical frustum (a cut-off tapered cone) and not always a regular cylindrical shape.

Do you think there is any particular reason why these caps are conical frustum in shape?